Beaconsfield timeline

Dave Morris

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  • Thank you for you reply re The Swan. If I knew that I had forgotten. 0 out of 10!

    By Frank Wright (29/12/2021)
  • Weren’t the wall paintings discovered at 1 London End (corner of Shepherds Lane)? I remember going to see them there, rather than the Swan. Unless there was an earlier Swan to the one near the top of London End.

    By Frank Wright (28/12/2021)
  • The parade of shops which includes 1 London End was part of the prestigious Swan Inn which closed in 1700. It stood opposite the Saracens Head and was sold in 1701 to be divided into shops and houses. The wall paintings would have been in the bedrooms of the west wing, overlooking the crossroads. This Swan Inn has nothing to do with the ale house now called The Swan on the south side of London End.

    By Clare Bull (29/12/2021)

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